Beautiful hand-crafted angels in a wide range of gemstone types. The design is pure and elegant.

Angel,   Medium,  Carnelian
Angel,   Medium,  Hematite
Angel,   Medium,  Obsidian
Angel,   Medium,  Sodalite
Angel,   Medium,  Tiger Eye
Angel,  Small, Carnelian
Angel,  Small, Hematite
Angel,  Small, Sodalite
Angel, Large,  Carnelian
Angel, Large,  Hematite
Angel, Large,  New Jade
Angel, Large,  Obsidian
Angel, Large,  Opalite
Angel, Large,  Quartz
Angel, Large,  Sodalite
Angel, Large,  Tiger Eye
Angel, X Large,  Amethyst
Angel, X Large,  Hematite
Angel, X Large,  Obsidian
Angel, X Large,  Opalite
Angel, X Large,  Quartz
Angel, X Large,  Sodalite
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