Hexagonal point wands approx. 70x20mm

Wand, Agate - Moss
Wand, Angelite
Wand, Calcite - Orange
Wand, Goldstone - Blue
Wand, Goldstone - Green
Wand, Goldstone - Red
Wand, Hematite
Wand, Howlite
Wand, Jasper - Picasso
Wand, Jasper - Red
Wand, Jasper - Tiger
Wand, Jasper - Tree
Wand, Labradorite
Wand, Lapis Lazuli
Wand, Mookaite
Wand, New Jade
Wand, Obsidian - Black
Wand, Preseli Bluestone
Wand, Rhodonite
Wand, Tiger Eye
Wand, Tiger Eye - Blue
Wand, Tiger Iron
Wand, Tourmaline
Wand, Unakite
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