Tumble Stones - Standard

Tumble Stones - Standard
Many of our customers sell tumblestones from one of our specially designed wooden 'point of sale' display units (see Code Nos. EX15 & EX16). 'Point-of-sale' Description Cards for most of our standard tumble range are available free of charge when purchasing a display unit.

African Jade, 0.5Kg
Agate - Fire, 0.5Kg
Agate - Moss, 0.5Kg
Agate - Natural, 0.5Kg
Amazonite, 0.5Kg
Amber (B grade), 50g
Amber, 50g
Amethyst, 0.5Kg
Angelite, 0.5Kg
Apache Tears, 250g
Aragonite - Brown, 0.5Kg
Aventurine - Red, 0.5Kg
Bloodstone, 0.5Kg
Bornite, 0.5Kg
Bronzite, 0.5Kg
Calcite - Orange, 0.5Kg
Carnelian - Red, 0.5Kg
Cat's Eye - Mauve, 0.5Kg
Cat's Eye - Red, 0.5Kg
Celestobarite, 250g
Chiastolite, 0.5Kg
Chrysotile, 0.5Kg
Citrine, 0.5Kg
Citrine, 0.5Kg
Citrine, 0.5Kg
Dumortierite, 0.5Kg
Flower Stone, 0.5Kg
Fluorite - Smoky, 0.5Kg
Fluorite, 0.5Kg
Fossil Wood, 0.5Kg
Galaxyite, 0.5Kg
Goldstone - Blue, 0.5Kg
Goldstone - Green, 0.5Kg
Goldstone - Red, 0.5Kg
Hematite, 0.5Kg
Howlite - Blue, 0.5Kg
Howlite - Lapis, 0.5Kg
Howlite - Pink, 0.5Kg
Howlite - Purple, 0.5Kg
Howlite - Red, 0.5Kg
Howlite, 0.5Kg
Hypersthene, 250g
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