Thumb Stones

Designed to have a pleasing feel, thumb stones are shaped to fit beautifully between the thumb and fingers. Once again a wide variety of mineral rough is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality finish.

Thumbstone, Agate - Moss
Thumbstone, Angelite
Thumbstone, Bloodstone
Thumbstone, Carnelian
Thumbstone, Chrome Mica
Thumbstone, Fire Agate
Thumbstone, Fluorite
Thumbstone, Galaxyite
Thumbstone, Hematite
Thumbstone, Howlite
Thumbstone, Hypersthene
Thumbstone, Jasper - Red
Thumbstone, Jet
Thumbstone, Labradorite
Thumbstone, Lapis Lazuli
Thumbstone, Lepidolite
Thumbstone, Merlinite
Thumbstone, Mookaite
Thumbstone, Muscovite
Thumbstone, New Jade
Thumbstone, Obsidian
Thumbstone, Ocean Jasper
Thumbstone, Opalite
Thumbstone, Pink Fossil
Thumbstone, Quartz
Thumbstone, Rhodonite
Thumbstone, Rose Quartz
Thumbstone, Septaria
Thumbstone, Sodalite
Thumbstone, Tiger Eye
Thumbstone, Unakite
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