Due to the popularity of this product, we have dramatically increased the range of stones used to craft these hearts. One of our best sellers. The standard size is about 45mm.

Heart, Agate
Heart, Agate - Banded
Heart, Agate - Fire
Heart, Agate - Moss
Heart, Aragonite
Heart, Bloodstone
Heart, Bornite
Heart, Bronzite
Heart, Calcite
Heart, Calcite - Orange
Heart, Carnelian
Heart, Cat's Eye - Pink
Heart, Dumortierite
Heart, Fluorite
Heart, Goldstone - Blue
Heart, Goldstone - Green
Heart, Goldstone - Red
Heart, Hematite
Heart, Howlite
Heart, Howlite - Blue
Heart, Howlite - Lapis
Heart, Hypersthene
Heart, Jasper - Picasso
Heart, Jasper - Poppy
Heart, Jasper - Red
Heart, Jasper - Tiger
Heart, Jasper - Tree
Heart, Jasper - Walnut
Heart, Labradorite
Heart, Lepidolite
Heart, Merlinite
Heart, Mica - Red
Heart, Mookaite
Heart, Moonstone
Heart, New Jade
Heart, Obsidian - Black
Heart, Ocean Jasper
Heart, Onyx
Heart, Onyx - Black
Heart, Opal - Green
Heart, Opalite
Heart, Quartz
Heart, Quartz - Blue
Heart, Rhodonite
Heart, Rhyolite
Heart, Rose Quartz
Heart, Selenite
Heart, Sodalite
Heart, Tiger Eye
Heart, Tiger Eye - Blue
Heart, Tiger Eye - Red
Heart, Unakite
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